2013 CIA Changes

cia1IIA Global Headquarters would like to notify you of impending changes to the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) program scheduled for 2013.

As the result of findings from a Job Analysis Study (JAS) for the CIA program conducted in 2011, the Professional Certifications Board (PCB) and the Board of Directors of The IIA have approved two key changes to the program. The JAS determined that the body of knowledge related to the profession of internal auditing has changed since the last exam content update in 2004, and therefore needs to be adjusted to reflect those changes.

The first change will impact the exam structure, reducing the program from four to three exam parts. With the reduction in parts, The IIA will be eliminating the recognition credit provision previously applicable to Part 4. The final change consists of a realignment of the exam content outline and question count for each part. Below is a brief overview of the new outline:

Part 1 Exam: Internal Auditing Basics
Duration: 2.5 hours
Question Count: 125

Part 2 Exam: Internal Audit Practice
Duration: 2.0 hours
Question Count: 100

Part 3 Exam: Internal Audit Knowledge Elements
Duration: 2.0 hours
Question Count: 100

Topical focus areas include:
• IIA Mandatory Guidance
• Internal Control and Risk
• Tools and Techniques for Conducting the Audit Engagement
Topical focus areas include:
• Managing the Internal Audit Function
• Managing Individual Engagements
• Fraud Risks and Controls
Topical focus areas include:
• Governance
• Risk Management
• Organizational Structure and Business Processes
• Communication
• Leadership
• IT/Business Continuity
• Financial Management
• Global Business Environment

The new content and three-part exam structure are scheduled to be implemented by mid-2013. The IIA is currently working to finalize the transition process for those who are currently in the CIA program and do not complete the program prior to the implementation of the new structure. Additional details related to the transition process can be found in the documents below.